Kolkata’s Zakaria Street brings together foodies from across faiths

KOLKATA: The footfall at the Ramzan market on Zakaria Street has been surging with every passing roza, with food enthusiasts from across all faiths trooping in from different parts of the city, and beyond.
According to shop owners, vendors, and those organizing the market, the news of tension during Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti in many pockets of the state has not affected the enthusiasm of visitors to Zakaria Street every evening. In fact, many of them stay till after midnight, eating delicacies, most of which are available only during the month of Ramzan.

Zakaria St brings together foodies from across faiths

Visitors queuing up at shops selling haleem, kebabs, biryani and firni also said they did not feel unsafe visiting the pockets in central Kolkata that sell kebabs and biryani even during non-Ramzan months.
"The footfall on Zakaria Street and adjoining areas has been increasing daily, and a majority of the guests are from other faiths and different parts of the city. They visit every year to buy the delicacies prepared by various shops during this time," said Mullick Mohmmad Ishaque, an executive member of Calcutta Khilafat Committee (CKC), which organises the Zakaria Street Ramzan market every year. "Every day, more than 1,500-2,000 people visit Zakaria Street, and the numbers will go up when Ramzan enters its last legs," he added.

Zakaria St brings together foodies from across faiths

The assessment is based on accounts of their volunteers who keep doing the rounds of Zakaria Street to ensure nobody faces any difficulty. According to CKC members, this year's footfall is the highest.

"People come in big groups, which also includes families. We have made adequate arrangements so they don't face any difficulty. Vendors have been instructed to behave properly with everyone," said another member of CKC.

Ramzan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and a time when Muslims fast during the daylight hours. In the evening, they break their fast with dates, grams, other fruits, haleem and fritters.

Several college students, professionals, and families can be spotted enjoying iftar and dinner on Zakaria Street.

"I have been coming to Zakaria Street during Ramzan since 2017. Food is a binding factor and news of tensions around any festival will not change my decision," said Gourabh Roy, who visited Zakaria Street on Thursday with his son and daughter.

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