Lonka cha and rosogolla roll — Kolkata’s best viral street foods

What's Kolkata without its street food? Kathi rolls and phuchka aside, the city's food joints are bringing quirky menus that feature picks like rosogolla roll, lonka cha, phuchka chop and so much more. Here's a look at the most Instagram-worthy street foods in the city.

The lonka cha divided the Internet when it went viral. The purists have scoffed at the spicy concoction, but most tea lovers are quite keen on the chilli tea sold in South

Kolkata. Even Raima Sen is a fan! "I was blown away by the taste of the green chilli chai. It was so good that I had three cups!" she said during a recent interview with CT.
Pocket pinch: Rs 12-25


Mixed fruit momoLove gondhoraj momos? Then you'll love the strawberry and mango momos sold by a fast food joint in Howrah. They aren't just colourful but also have a unique taste. "They're not like regular chicken momos. They're quite flavourful. I love the mango momos, especially. The essence of mango in a momo is so unique," says Poulami, a momo lover.
Pocket pinch: Rs 35-50

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Rosogolla Roll
The rosogolla roll went viral when a food blogger from Kolkata made a video in May. The Baghajatin joint that sells the item has only been selling it for a month or so. "It's definitely our best-selling item. It's cottage cheese balls which are cooked and used as filling for rolls," says the stall owner.
Pocket pinch: Rs 75


Matka pizza
The homegrown spin on a pizza is a favourite all over the country, be it Jalandhar or Indore. A North Kolkata joint near Hati Bagan sells Matka Pizza which is basically pizza in an earthen pot, topped with an ooey gooey cheesy topping. "On average, we sell 150 to 160 orders in a week," says Avik, the owner of the joint.
Pocket pinch: Rs 90


Rosogolla cha
A steaming cup of cha with a rosogolla? Don't knock it until you try it! A Patuli joint is serving this quirky pick-me-up. "We do add a few other things to the hot tea, besides a rosogolla. But they're secret!" laughs Amit, who owns the stall. "But it's a well-balanced flavour, for sure, that goes beyond a regular sweet tea. We sell around 100 cups a week," he adds.
Pocket Pinch: Rs 75


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